Blogging and being International is not easy


Originally from Venezuela, I started studying English when I was 7 years old, and I never really stopped. I was exposed to my first English-written essay when I was 10, and my first English-written 12 page long project when I was 16. I am 25 now, a first-year student at St. Lawrence college and I still find myself struggling while writing in English.

It has been a learning process since I was 7, and every day in every class at college, I learn something new and valuable. When I was first introduced to the blogging world, I found out that, surprisingly, I really enjoy it.

In fact, I have learned recently on my “Writing for Marketing” class by professor Frank Armstrong, that there are some tips you could follow to help you improve your writing skills, as well as, attract your target audience to your posts. I bet you want to know all about them now…well…

More knowledge, more confidence!

Here they are! Nora Kramer Designs channel on Youtube posted this video called “How To Write A Blog Post for Beginners.” I believe that the more you know about how to manage or do something in any field, the more confident you will be in your performance. I learned a lot watching this video and I would love to share with you the three essential aspects that resonated with me:

I was one of those people that would simply google an image and add it to my essays, reports or any type of post online. However, one of the main rules, in order to create an effective blog, is to watch out for images restrictions. Yes, people own images, and those people can pursue legal action if you do not accredit them. But no worries! This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use images in your posts; in fact, there are many websites that allow you to save images to any device without any concern such as or You’re welcome.

On the other hand, one of the three essential aspects of an effective blog that has helped me be a little more confident when writing for my blog is to add your personal experience or twist. When you do this, you keep the reader interested because of the natural human desire to know relate their own personal experiences to someone else’s in order to avoid feeling alone.

Finally, adding not only external but also internal online links is key. Come on, give yourself some credit! After all, you have been putting a lot of effort researching topics for your posts. Referencing your own material demonstrates confidence and consistency. This step is crucial, it builds some sort of trust between the reader and the blogger. Most of the times, external references have important and valid information to support your ideas and thoughts so the reader will feel more comfortable and sure of the content they are reading.

Be careful though, always ensure you are using trustworthy and reputable sources for your outside links; one slip-up and a reader might disregard your future posts. Now, the use of internal links to videos, articles, images, etc. is beneficial for the blog because it keeps your target audience engaged and reading your posts, and further invests them in the content that you are publishing.

Potential global audience? Wait, what?

I will be honest with you, I understand that by having a blog online I could reach millions of people…a global audience! However, I don’t feel ready at all! Not right now, not anytime soon. I believe that the more I learn and the more practice I get, I will be able to feel more confident. But right now, the thought of people reading my posts scares me!

To know a little bit about my journey and experiences in Canada, check my previous post. 


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